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5th September 2014
Results of the Nikkei indexes annual review

Nikkei Inc. conducted annual review of the Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225) and the Nikkei Stock Index 300 (Nikkei 300) constituents. The results are as follows. In addition, following changes will be made to the Nikkei 225 due to corporate actions of the constituents. ...Read more
15th July 2014
Regarding the Reverse Stock Split of Mazda and J.Front in Nikkei 225

Mazda Motor Corporation (7261) and J. Front Retailing (3086), both Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225) constituents, are planning reverse stock splits. From the market open of the ex-right dates, Nikkei Inc. will change the presumed par value of these constituents as follows. ...Read more
21st March 2014
The NEEDS Newsletter for March 2014 is now available and can be downloaded from our NEEDS home page (Click here to access past editions of our Newsletters).

Nikkei NEEDS brings you the wealth of Japanese Financial Data renowned for its accuracy and reliability, and this monthfs newsletter contains an overview of the past 2 quartersf performance of the Nikkei Average as well as the following topics:
1. Nikkei Press Release: Changes to the Nikkei Indices
2. Introducing Segment Data in NEEDS
11th March 2014
Changes to the Nikkei Indices

Nikkei Inc. will make the following changes to the Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225) and the Nikkei Stock Index 300 (Nikkei 300), corresponding to a delisting and stock splits of the constituents. ...Read more
Offline data provision providing access to historical NEEDS data without the necessity of a subscription.
  • Data provision from all NEEDS database files to meet specific requirements
  • No subscription required for one off access with data provided via Email or DVD
  • MS Excel, CSV & MS Access supported
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Daily updates to the NEEDS Master Files directly into existing in-house database to build a copy of the Nikkei database.
  • Data service providing historical data and daily updates to the Master Files
  • FTP delivery system for bulk updates
  • Platform neutral for integration into existing in-house database
...Read more
Subscription based online download service providing ad-hoc access to a range of NEEDS databases.
  • One stop access to Corporate Financial, Stock Market and Economic data
  • Easy to use browser based data search and download using .NET technology
  • Improve efficiency with advanced screening features
...Read more
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