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Get a 10 day free trial of FinancialQUEST today
Why not see how FinancialQUEST can benefit you by requesting a free 10 day trial. You will have access to all of the NEEDS FinancialQUEST databases and can see for yourself how easy it is to setup and download thousands of Japanese company financial reports, from the very latest corporate announcements to financial statements dating back to the 1960s.

Submit your free trial request via ‘Enquire’ page today!*

Examples of databases on FinancialQUEST
„Stock Exchange Data
Nikkei has been calculating the Nikkei 225 since 1950 and over the years we have established a comprehensive and thorough record of Stock Exchange data. From Financial QUEST you can access full, non-biased stock pricing, attributes and corporate actions data from 1970 - present, and Nikkei 225 index data from 1950 - present. 

„Industrial Data

Nikkei has access to large amounts of macroeconomic data released by government departments, the Bank of Japan and research from Nikkei staff writers, all from one convenient source and in a consistent format to aid in company evaluations compared to industry benchmarks.

Full Technical Support
We are able to provide full technical support during your free trial, including setting up templates to automatically download data you require. In addition, advanced features of FinancialQUEST are demonstrated in number of our newsletters available from the eDownloadf page and it does not take long to get the hang of it.

* We can only provide free trials to financial professionals or university staffs.

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