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19th February 2019
Procedures for the Nikkei Stock Average constituent change regarding Pioneer Corporation

Following is the procedures to change the Nikkei Stock Average constituents regarding Pioneer Corporation (6773), a Nikkei Stock Average constituent which has been appointed as securities under supervision (Kanri stock) by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Nikkei 500 Stock Average follows the same procedure.

  1. Pioneer explains in its disclosure documents that gAt the earliest (if the third-party share allotment is completed on March 1, 2019), common stocks will be designated as securities to be delisted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Friday, March 1h.

  2. Since the date of designation as securities to be delisted is not fixed, deletion of Pioneer will be decided upon such designation and the stock to be added as a new constituent will be announced at the same time.

  3. For the reasons above and considerations for the time to ensure the information is fully shared, deletion of Pioneer and addition of the new constituent will be conducted simultaneously on the day, 5 business days passed from the designation as securities to be delisted, i.e. if designated on March 1, the change will become effective from the market open of March 11.

14th February 2019
Regarding the Stock Split of FamilyMart UNY Holdings in Nikkei 225

FamilyMart UNY Holdings Co., Ltd. (8028), a Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225) constituent, is planning a stock split of 1 to 4. From the market open of the ex-right date, which is February 26, Nikkei Inc. will change the presumed par value of FamilyMart UNY Holdings from 50 yen to 12.5 yen.

Since the price level of FamilyMart UNY Holdings in the Nikkei 225 will stay the same, the divisor will not be changed by this event.

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