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  • Offline provision of NEEDS data on CD/DVD
  • No subscription required for data across all NEEDS databases
  • Data available in MS Excel, CSV or MS Access format

NEEDS SPOT is Nikkei's unique non-subscription data service enabling clients to receive any historical data from the NEEDS databases.

This service is ideal for:
  • Data managers, who wish to fill gaps in their existing data systems
  • Analysts, who need high quality historical data for their financial models
  • Academics, who are conducting research into Japanese corporations and economy

Nikkei has worked extensively with universities and other research institutes around the world, enabling academics to access high quality data that would otherwise have required a subscription. NEEDS SPOT provides data in easy to use computer formats such as MS Excel or MS Access, to make manipulation of the data as easy as possible.
“The NEEDS Spot service has enabled us to access a wealth of information that would otherwise have been very difficult to obtain. I thoroughly recommend the NEEDS service”

Prof Mariassunta Giannetti
Stockholm School of Economics
- Department of Finance

Past Examples
We have provided SPOT orders to a large number of research institutions, investment banks and fund management companies.

Бе Financial Institutions
  • Daily tick data of all listed companies
  • Daily basic data for Nikkei Stock Average calculation
  • Nikkei dividend estimates data of all listed companies

Бе Academics
  • Bank loan data of listed industrial companies
  • Aggregated financial statements by industries
  • Major shareholders information of selected industrial companies

And many more.

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