Nikkei Telecom21 Page for SOAS University of London

Nikkei Telecom21 is a comprehensive online business database service provided by Nikkei Digital Media Inc.

The service consists of four main sections; including a full text search of Nikkei’s four business newspapers, company information search, the Who’s Who personnel search and real Time Nikkei flash news.

There is an English menu which provides not only round-the-clock Nikkei news with over 100 stories a day translated from the Nikkei’s newspapers but also full contents of the Nikkei Asian Review which is an English weekly paper published by Nikkei.

In the menu bar of the Nikkei Telecom21 on the left side of each page, the English Menu is available through a link with displayed as .

Please remember to click the log out link displayed at the top right hand corner of each page when you finish using Nikkei Telecom21 and before closing your web browser. This will clear your session so that the next login can begin smoothly with no problems.

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