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Nikkei Telecom is one of the largest and most reliable business databases in Japan.
Approximately 70% of companies listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange are currently subscribed to the service. Articles are cross-searchable from over 400 different sources and the most up-to-date business news is taken from the Nikkei and other leading Japanese newspapers, magazines and journals. The service also provides various business data on individual companies from corporate overview to financial and credit information. In addition, details of personnel - business executives, government officials, famous people and additional databases specialising in particular industries are available.

The database service is a quick and excellent source for those wishing to search up-to-date, accurate and relevant business information.

Real-time newswire service - 1,000 Nikkei Newsflash items and also 100 Newsflash articles from many prominent newspapers including, Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri, Sankei and many more, which are updated daily. Also the latest articles in five weekly magazines are available.

Full text archive search from 230 newspapers and 220 varieties of magazines. They include the Nikkei, Asahi, Yomiuri and other National Newspapers, Local Newspapers, Newsflash items, Press Releases, Business reports, Journals and a Marketing Statistics database. An archive search is available commencing from 1975. Most of the actual articles are available in PDF format.

Company profiles and financial information include more than 1.4 million public and private Japanese companies, and 50 million companies worldwide. Japanese Company information includes ”Nikkei Corporate Profile”,” Teikoku Databank”,” Tokyo Shoko Research”, whilst Foreign Company information contains “D&B Global Profile”. You can also retrieve company credit information, which will be indispensable in risk management.

Contains personnel information of approximately 300,000 corporate executives, politicians and government officials in Japan. Searches are available from Nikkei WHO’S WHO. It is also includes managing director’s profiles and professional history as well as their current company positions. Furthermore, searches are available from any of the following for personnel databases, ”Tokyo Shoko Research”, “Diamond”, ”Asahi” and ”Yomiuri”.

The “Nikkei English News” is distributed by Nikkei and Dow Jones & Company and includes up to 600 articles updated on a daily basis. Archive and company searches are available in English including the “The Japan Times”, ” Mainichi” and ” Yomiuri (The Japan News)” newspapers. The archive search will allow you to search articles back to 1986. In addition to the above, you can also search foreign company information provided by “Teikoku Databank”.

Specialised information databases of various fields are available including “Wise Search” which provides Chinese and Asia news by English and Chinese. You can also order foreign company risk reports from “The Experian Company report” database.
The above, is not a comprehensive list of our database services, please refer to the English price list for full details.

Notes for Library package users:
Some of the contents detailed in the “Menu Summary” above are not included in the Site Licence plan.

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