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The standard plan pricing is a combination of the monthly basic and usage fees.
All new subscriptions are subject to an administrative charge equivalent to two months basic fee, totalling (16,000 Yen).  This will normally be collected on the date of the 1st monthly payment.

▼ Monthly Basic Fee
1x user ID is 8,000 yen per month and 2x user IDs are 15, 000 yen per month (7,500 yen each). The monthly basic fee for each user ID will be discounted as the number of user IDs increases. The basic fees are detailed in the table below.

Number of ID Basic Monthly Fee
1 8,000 Yen
2 15,000 Yen
3 22,000 Yen
4 29,000 yen
5 36,000 Yen
6 42,000 Yen
7 48,000 Yen
8 54,000 Yen
9 60,000 Yen
10 66,000 Yen

▼ Usage Fee
The usage fee for all database contents will apply depending on the unit price of the content, the number of headings, text and PDF files downloaded. (Some free to view content is available). Please check your usage fee for each type of content.

For more details please navigate to “Downloads” to access the PDF version of the following documents, Nikkei Telecom Price ListSpecialised Database Price List.

The Nikkei Telecom subscription fees are quoted in Japanese Yen and converted into British Pounds (Bank Transfers are also possible in Euros and US Dollars). A monthly invoice with the usage details will be sent by either post or electronic mail. We accept all major debit / credit cards in British Pounds only. All bank transfer fees and charges are to be paid by you the subscriber. All fees are exclusive of VAT. Please note that the appropriate tax will be added depending on the country of use.

Steps from initial enquiry and service request to database service start-up. ※ We also offer packages for universities and libraries. Please refer to the Library Package page for details.

Nikkei Telecom Price List
Specialised Databases Price List
Nikkei Telecom User Guide
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