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- Kim Jong Un plays hard to get with Putin
- Turning Japan into a country that never sleeps
- Casino law won't offer Japan an instant jackpot
- Abe gears up for another term as head of Japan's ruling party
- Tokyo stocks trade in tandem with Shanghai as yuan fears mount
- A year into link program, China's bond market closes in on Japan
- Oji's quarterly profit doubles on global pulp shortage
- Japan enacts controversial casino gambling bill
- Prosecutors target bosses, not company, in Thai bribery case
- Japan to refill top Finance Ministry post after #MeToo scandal
- A day in the life of a foreign housekeeper in Japan
- Auto tariffs receive thumbs down from Canada, EU and Detroit
- China warms up to neighbors for Pacific power play
- Missing benchmark for coal price leaves Asian utilities confused
- American households feel the heat of Trump's China tariffs
- Corporate Japan pledges full shift to renewable energy
- Japan's 5-year worker visa extended to manufacturing
- TPP plans expansion in 2019 with Thailand and Colombia first
- Nobody wins with US auto tariffs, Ghosn says
- Japan faces $2bn price tag for flood rebuilding

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