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We would like to invite all universities, libraries and other educational institutions to take part in our questionnaire on E-resources. Your feedback will allow us to further improve our service. Please fill in the questionnaire after downloading the file from the following link button, and kindly send back the completed form to Nikkei Europe, Electronic Media department. We would like to give you a small gift if you take this survey.

Nikkei Telecom is one of the largest and the most reliable business databases in Japan. Our database has already been endorsed by many universities and libraries as an essential resource for various kinds of studies such as economics, politics, sociology and Japanese language.

Easy to Use. Just enter a keyword! Nikkei Telecom users are able to access a great number of Nikkei newspaper articles over a long period from 1975 to latest.

The Meiji period to post WWII (1876 to1961)

The database also contains hundreds of daily news articles in English published by Nikkei Inc. and Dow Jones & Company Inc. An English Archive Search for The Nikkei weekly and major Nikkei newspaper articles are available.

We offer library package plans with unlimited use of Nikkei Telecom regardless of the number of users. There are also further discounts if your organizations are a member of a certain consortiums.

In this survey we would like to evaluate the utilisation of the E-resources at universities and libraries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This will help us understand what would make our service better for universities and libraries. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. The entire survey should take no more than 10 minutes.

◎Please contact the Electronic Media department here for more details.
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