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法人のお客様を対象に承ります。 3ヶ月毎に請求書を発行いたします。

基本料金: 1名様 45ポンド/月



ご利用者の追加や変更は随時受け付けています。必ず会社名をご明記の上 までご連絡ください。





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Contracts are for our corporate clients. We issue an invoice every three months.
*The service is available to our corporate customers in Europe, the Middle East and the African region.

Basic subscription rate: 45 British pounds/month per person

We issue an invoice every three months (in principle, around the 10th in February, May, August, November, or the next business day if the date falls on a British holiday.
Subscription rates are by the month, so billing will begin from the following month. (You will not be billed for the first month of use.)
Three months’ worth of the basic subscription rate is to be pre-paid every three months.

◎Payments are to be made via bank remittance only. We do not accept payments by cheque or a credit card.
◎Please note that if a payment cannot be confirmed by the end of the month (the next business day if the end of the month falls on a British bank holiday) of the bill issuance, the Nikkei Online Edition may be discontinued starting the following month.
◎We accept British pounds only.

Reduction in the number of IDs or cancellations are effective for the following month if received by the 10th of the month. Changes to registered users are accepted at any time. Please always indicate your company name and contact us on

Please transmit the request form.  
We will issue an invoice via email. Please make a payment within 4 weeks.
Issuance of pre-ID and password (Sent via email. The pre-ID and password will be sent within 5 working days of receiving the application form ).
Go to the Nikkei ID registration by inputting the pre-ID and password on the log-in screen.
The service can be used after registration is complete. Lon-in with Nikkei ID.
Please see here for detailed instructions on how to register.

First month is free. E.g. If you apply during January, the subscription for January is free. We will charge from February. Please note that you have an obligation to pay one month subscription fee even if you terminate the contract during first month.

Download the terms of service here.

Nikkei Online Edition terms of service (PDF)


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