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個人で電子版をご購読いただけます。 月額4200円。クレジットカードでのお支払となります。


※領収書の発行はしておりませんが、ご購読を証する記録として「お支払い明細」をプリントアウトできます。正規の領収書が必要な場合はクレジットカード会社にお問い合わせください。 詳しくはヘルプセンター「お支払い明細」をご参照ください。







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Individuals are able to subscribe to the Nikkei Online Edition. The monthly rate is 4,200 yen. The payment is to be made by credit card.

What is the Nikkei Online Edition?

*We do not issue a receipt, but as a record of your subscription, you will be able to print out a “Payment statement”. If an official receipt is required, please contact your credit card company. For details, please refer to “Payment statement” on the Help Center page.

When you click above, the log in page of “The Nikkei Online Edition” will open.

【Existing user /Nikkei ID holder 】
On the right side of the page: Log in and proceed to the payment registration page.

【First time user /NO Nikkei ID holder 】
On the left side of the page: Click to begin registration.

※Your Nikkei ID is the Email address you used to log in to The Nikkei group’s online services.

For those who are subscribed to the Nikkei International Edition (hard copy), one free Nikkei Online subscription is offered for every newspaper subscription.
Please click here for details.
The overseas corporate contract of the Nikkei Online Edition is also available.
Please click here for details.

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