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- Japan's Buddhist temples struggle as pandemic drags on
- Japan's chipmaker Kioxia to adjourn IPO amid US-China tensions
- US lawmakers weigh $25bn subsidies to boost chipmaking
- Labor-starved Japan welcomes return of foreign workers
- Tokyo and Seoul struggle for compromise on forced labor issue
- Asian ESG-linked financing opportunities draw European banks
- Sanrio's 31-year-old CEO looks beyond Hello Kitty
- Japan's base strike capability 'necessary': Defense chief Kishi
- With charts, stats and golf, Abe proved Japan's worth to US leader
- China auto show starts up in person, but with less futuristic flash
- Xi has first call with Suga; no mention of Japan visit
- China's steel mill smoke becomes fuel in Mitsui's recycling plants
- California ban on gas-fueled cars spells trouble for Japan automakers
- Kono tells all Japan government offices to quit 'hanko' stamps
- Huawei brings new smartwatches to Japan, despite handset woes
- NEC facial recognition system offers 99.9% accuracy with mask on
- Japan's Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Hitachi Capital to merge
- Rookie 'Ganesha' lawmakers propelled Suga to become Japan's PM
- Tencent expands partnership with Japan's gaming developers
- Mission Olympics: Japan prepares to open borders despite COVID

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