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For University Libraries and other Library plans
Nikkei Telecom is one of the largest Japanese business database services which can be used not only for business use but also for academic purpose, especially Japanese Language and Business studies. It is full of articles, which cover various kinds of topics such as business, politics, economics and culture. Therefore, it can be used as a language learning material or as a source of research. You can also access over 20,000 Japanese company profiles and detailed information by Nikkei.
Nikkei Telecom has already been endorsed by many universities and libraries as an essential E-resource.

Nikkei Europe offers flexible usage plans tailored for each university, library and research institution.

▼Site Licence plan for Universities and Libraries
University Libraries:The IP Authentication method is used to allow the user to gain access to Nikkei Telecom through the university LAN based on the issued IP address. The Annual fee varies based on usage from the previous year or concurrency control. National Libraries, Research Institutions:Access through the organisation’s extranet under the IP Authentication method. Once successfully logged into the extranet, you can gain access to Nikkei Telecom. The Annual fee varies based on usage from the previous year or on the numbers of CUG (Closed User Group) . We provide a dedicated Login Bridge :Page tailored for each organisation.

Site Licence plan uses the IP Authentication system.
Multiple users can access Nikkei Telecom simultaneously providing the number of connections within your contract is not exceeded.

▼Annual Fee
The annual fee of The Site Licence plan is fixed. It includes an administration charge, basic fee and usage fee. You can access Nikkei Telecom regardless of the number of users. The annual fee varies depending on the usage of the previous year and the number of simultaneous connections and CUGs (Closed User Groups) in the National Libraries or Research Institutions. Please find more details about the annual subscription and pricing information for the Site Licence price for Universities and Libraries.(PDF)
For the details and price list of the Standard plan (Full Contents Version) for individual use, please refer to the Subscription Fee on the Online Application page by clicking the link.

▼Service Menu
The Site Licence plan provides unlimited access to all Nikkei contents including, Nikkei newsflash which is updated approximately 1,000 items a day. Both Full-text and PDF newspaper images of Nikkei newspapers and Japanese company information, company personnel profiles are readily available through powerful search functions. Some of the contents are available in English. Please click the link to access more details regarding the Nikkei Contents Menu from Downloads.

The Standard plan provides more than 450 newspapers and magazines from well-established content providers. However, access to this content is not available within the Site Licence plan agreement and is only intended for Standard Plan users. This service is suitable for stand-alone desktop/laptop computers in Libraries or research offices where IDs for Nikkei Telecom can be safely controlled.

▼Library Package Option
Additional account Pay-Per-View Database Account:
There is a charge for the pay-per-view account of 2,000 yen per month. In addition, if the total usage exceeds the initial value of 2,000 yen per month, then additional charges will apply. The User/Account holder will be responsible for any excess usage fees. To qualify for the pay-per- view account the User/Account holder must have a current and valid Site Licence contract with Nikkei Europe.
Database access is controlled by ID and Password Authentication.

Additional database Nihon Keizai Shimbun - Meiji Era to Post World War Second
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